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Arbus invests in all-terrain post driving rigs

Arbus has invested in two all-terrain post driving rigs. Our specialist fencing team took delivery of the new toys earlier in the year and has already put them through their paces on the Medmerry Flood Alleviation Scheme fencing project.

The all-terrain post driving rigs are tracked, which means they can reach and work on any site regardless of the ground conditions. Deep mud and water are common problems when it comes to installing fencing – they can slow down a job as trucks and pickups simply can’t get through. In addition, the rigs can be loaded up with fencing, posts and other materials, which means they can work quickly and efficiently.

Arbus is committed to providing the highest level of service to its clients – including completing projects on time – and that’s why we have invested in the all-terrain post driving rigs.  Nothing says “we’re going to get the job done” better than one (or two) of these machines!

They were barely off the lorry when we put them into action. At the beginning of the summer, Arbus won a contract to install new fencing and gates as part of the Medmerry Flood Defence Scheme, and this major project immediately gave us an opportunity to test them out.

The results were great – accessibility for our fencing crew just wasn’t a problem with the all-terrain post driving rigs and the new machinery was key in helping us complete the fencing installation to deadline.

And our work on this project hasn’t gone unnoticed – thanks to Floodstop UK for that pat on the back – check out a video of the scheme in action (it involves surrendering land to the sea!).

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