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Arbus pedestrian parapet project ready for sizzling summer

Arbus has completed a pedestrian parapet and footpath refurbishment project in Hillingdon, west London. The work was finished in time for walkers to enjoy the footpath in the recent good weather.

This was a very satisfying project to work on. The pedestrian parapet in question was on a bridge in a leafy part of Hillingdon and we were contracted to remove an old pedestrian parapet and replace it with a new one, while also refurbishing the footpath so that the bridge could be re-opened and used in safety by the public.

The old parapet had collapsed on one side, with the metal railing having come apart and the concrete posts listing dangerously towards the river below. It was clearly a major safety hazard for anyone walking along the path. Hence, the bridge was closed, which meant a nice walk was being spoilt, or at least inconveniently diverted.

Replacing the dangerous parapet involved putting the expert Arbus team to work on manufacturing and designing a new one. Once this phase was finished and signed off by the client, we installed the new pedestrian parapet, carefully removing the old one as we went.

This type of project is part of our bespoke general fencing and guardrail manufacturing service, of which fast delivery and rapid repair are key features. We offer both aluminium and steel designs, ranging from the commonly used 1100mm high guardrails to specialist parapets and handrails.

So, another general fencing and guardrail manufacturing project completed on budget and on time and another satisfied Arbus client. As we enjoy the balmy summer, we also like to think that there are some happy Hillingdon walkers out there too!

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