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Working with the Community | Arbus Limited

Throughout the years we have continually provided services and support to events surrounding the local area. Two events in which we play a key role are the Selsey and Newmarket Carnival. In the past we have offered up the lot, from temporary fencing stock to our 7.5t flatbed lorry’s to be used as Floats.

Next up on our calendar is the Pacrtrac Peterborough Duathlon on Sunday 2nd of April. The event is a gruelling 24.5 miles long, made up of a 4-mile run, followed by an 18-mile bike ride and another 2.5 mile run to finish. This event is only for the fittest. If you are at the event, either supporting or competing, make sure you look out for the Arbus support. We will be providing Pedestrian Barriers on behalf of Balfour Beatty which will cover parts of the track helping to ensure the safety of everyone at the occasion. Our ability to work weekends means that we are more than happy to support the event while providing the installation on the Saturday morning and removing the fencing on the Sunday afternoon.

We also donate to local, national and individual causes and one of our more recent donations has been to road safety charities. As one of the nation’s leading installers in road safety barriers, we take great pride within our works and helping to protect all road users. By donating to charities which work towards improving road safety outside of our physical efforts, we are working towards our combined goal on all front.

If you have a local event of which you need our support or you are interested in any of our temporary or pedestrian barrier mentioned above, please call us on 01243 606 218 or email at info@arbus.co.uk