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Veledrome Safety Standards & Perimeter Fencing | Arbus

Thanks to the success of Team GB competitive cycling has become one of the most loved sports in the country. However, many velodromes have been neglected over the years but with more of the public getting involved in cycling again, velodromes are becoming much more popular……this is where ARBUS LIMITED cycling safety fencing comes in.

Preston Park Cycle Track in Brighton is the latest Velodrome to receive ARBUS LIMITED cycling safety fencing. The facility was closed at the beginning of last year over safety fears, in particular with regard to the condition of the fencing. The British Cycling Federation commissioned a report into the condition of the track, and one of the recommendations from the report was the perimeter fencing needed to be replaced with a new fence that meets modern safety standards.

ARBUS LIMITED undertook each stage of the project and upgraded the Velodrome Safety Fencing to meet the new strict safety standards.

Preston Park isn’t the only Velodrome that Arbus have helped to refurbish. Recently we have also been involved in the restoration of the Mountbatten Centre Velodrome based in Portsmouth. Both of these project were delivered on programme, budget and have received great praise from our client and the general public.

ARBUS LIMITED holds accreditation to strict ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards ensuring the quality, safety and environmental aspect of our delivery schedule was considered and acted upon.

So if you are looking for the best Velodrome Safety Fencing and the highest possible standard of workmanship, then get in touch now – email: info@arbus.co.uk OR Call: 01243 606 219. 

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