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Office and Warehouse Fencing Installation | Arbus

We have installed acoustic fencing, general fencing and gate controll systems at a new office and warehouse facility in Farnborough, Hampshire.

The construction of new office and warehouse facilities is a positive development in terms of the potential employment generation and its impact on the local community. However, in our ever more densely populated world, there are important considerations to such a development project, not least protecting nearby residents from the noise generated by activity at such a site, which includes round-the-clock delivery vehicle and other traffic.

This type of social responsibility is where Arbus acoustic fencing comes in: this type of fencing can reduce noise by as much as 28dB. On this particular commercial job, for which we were contracted by MCS Group Ltd, we installed 8m timber acoustic fencing. Not only does this fencing significantly reduce noise pollution, it also helps to create more peaceful and private conditions for those working in the offices and the warehouse facilities. It does all this while meeting aesthetic and security demands.

This office and warehouse facility fencing project also included the installation of sliding cantilever gates, automatic rising arms, bollards, mesh fencing and a flexbeam barrier. Our installation crew performed as excellently as ever and all aspects of the work were carried out to deadline and to budget.

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