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VRS Orteco pile driver rigs | Arbus

Why are we talking about Orteco pile driver rigs? Because they are hugely important to our work, in terms of quality, efficiency and health and safety, and to our reputation at Arbus.

Orteco rigs are cutting-edge tech in our industry and make a big difference to how we carry out our engineering projects. First and foremost, these multi-purpose machines enable us to pile drive with laser-point precision, whether we’re doing so on a horizontal surface or on a slope.

Secondly, they allow us to work quicker and more efficiently. By using these rigs, our productivity is much higher, which helps us meet tight deadlines. In addition, it’s straightforward to transport these machines to and from sites thanks to their easy-load design.

Finally, these Orteco rigs have major health and safety benefits. They are designed to offer operators maximum protection at all times. The control area is ergonomically designed and positioned to provide the highest level of operator safety, while the oil pressure pipes are positioned behind the main frame for safety purposes. Furthermore, these state-of-the-art pile drivers are equipped with high-quality, soundproof engines that comply with strict European standards.

We have two Orteco Pile Driver on Crawler Smart rigs and recently we’ve had them hard at work installing vehicle restraint systems as part of our work on the M1 Junction 19 Improvement Scheme. As you can imagine, the deadlines on this project are very tight and our rigs have helped us deliver on time and on budget.

Click this link to see the Orteco Rig at Work

So, as you can see, when it comes to providing a high-quality service on tight deadlines, what we can achieve with Orteco rigs fits in well with the Arbus ethos.

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