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Arbus’ Daniel Petters races to his first F2 Outlaws victory

Well done Daniel Petters on winning your first F2 Outlaws race! 17-year-old Daniel is part of the Arbus team and raced to his first ever victory at Swaffham Raceway in June.

F2 Outlaws is a stock car racing class and the cars are purpose built with a single seat and rear-wheel drive, and have an open-wheel design. It is very much contact racing, with the cars taking some big hits on race day.

Daniel won the second F2 Outlaws heat of the day at Swaffham, making up for a spin in the first race that meant, despite some great driving, he could only come in 10th. He showed off his skills again in the third and final heat, narrowly missing out on a second victory to finish second.

Daniel’s 8-year-old brother was also competing at Swaffham – Jamie lined up on the track in his Ninja Kart for the first time. It was all going well until a pile-up in front of him put his kart into the wall, causing some serious damage. Jamie was OK and can’t wait to get back behind the wheel, but his brother has got some work to do to get the kart ready for the next race!

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Arbus Daniel Petters F2 Outlaws Swaffham Raceway Ninja Kart