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Arbus installs pedestrian parapet in Bournemouth

Arbus has installed a new aluminium pedestrian parapet in Bournemouth to replace an old one that was falling down.

Not every job can involve one of the largest coastal realignment schemes in the UK and or one of the biggest ever engineering projects in West Sussex. Some are much more everyday, but that doesn’t mean they are any less important. To us, doing a good job on every single project is a matter of pride.

This job saw one of our expert installation teams hard at work in Dorset. An old pedestrian parapet needed replacing and we were contracted to install a new one and get rid of the old structure.

Having cleared the old parapet out of the way and prepared the site for the new aluminium parapet, one of the first things our team did was to diamond drill in new resin anchors. This will help to make sure that the new system will last a long time. We’re very proud of the results.

We are often called upon to carry out pedestrian parapets and guardrails projects. This recent one in Bournemouth follows numerous others over the last 18 months, including ones in Swindon and London.

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Arbus pedestrian parapet guardrails Bournemouth