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Arbus provides fencing for Medmerry Flood Defence

It has been a busy 2014 so far at Arbus. We’ve been involved in a number of great projects and one of the highlights has been working on the Medmerry Flood Defence scheme.

The £28 million scheme in West Sussex has seen a stretch of coast returned to the sea to reduce the risk of future flooding. It is considered the largest ever coastal realignment scheme in the UK.

Arbus was chosen by project design firm Mackley to provide the fencing and gates services. This included the supply and installation of 20,000 metres of stock fencing, 80 field gates and access control gates, and the use of a range of plant machinery, including our Protech P22 post drivers.

The Medmerry site has a 7km clay bund in a horseshoe shape that acts as the sea defence. All of the land between the sea and the bund has been surrendered to the sea through an excavated opening.

There’s an intricate system of over 10km of ditches on the inside and outside of the bund that connect via sluice gates. The gates work automatically in relation to the tide with the purpose of diverting any flood waters away from over 300 homes and local businesses. The scheme has also created a new inter-tidal wildlife habitat and new footpaths, cycle ways and bridlepaths.

Also, in the process of extracting clay to build the bund, the remains of an extensive Bronze Age landscape dating back to 1,000 BC were uncovered. Among the many interesting finds was a long woven wickerwork fence that would have crossed an old tidal channel, trapping fish behind it when the tide fell. This shows that the sea came in and out of Medmerry about 650 years ago, just as it has started to do again!

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