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Hungry drivers can rest easy thanks to Arbus safety barrier

One of our first jobs of the new year brought a smile to the Arbus office: installing a safety fencing barrier to protect resting drivers while they tuck into a roadside breakfast.

Hungry drivers who stop along this stretch of road in Surrey can enjoy a hot breakfast with more peace of mind now that Arbus has replaced the old wooden fence that was protecting them from the traffic with a state-of-the-art N2W2 safety fencing barrier.

The roadside café is very popular and there are often lots of customers and their vehicles parked nearby, so it is very important to ensure they are completely protected. Arbus was commissioned by Surrey County Council to replace the dilapidated wooden fence with new modern safety fencing.

The first task our expert installation crew had to carry out was the removal of the old concrete, kerbs and services, all of which had to be re-routed or replaced. The next step was the installation of the new safety barrier fencing in the busy layby.  

As usual, our crew did a great job and we are very pleased to say that the project was successfully completed on time and to budget.

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